Jillian Siskind - Principal

Jillian Siskind graduated from Simon Fraser University in 1996 with a B.A., the University of Ottawa in 2000 with an LL.B / J.D (cum laude). She then received her LL.M from the University of Toronto in 2005. Jillian was called to the bar in Ontario in 2002.

Jillian has extensive legal experience in industry and professional regulation conducting litigation at all levels of court in Ontario as well as prosecutions, discipline hearings and administrative tribunals.

Jillian’s approach to legal problems is comprehensive, collaborative and strategic with a view to creative and cost-effective resolution. With extensive experience as a senior advisor in corporate, legal and political settings, Jillian focuses on open communication with clients to ensure that each issue is thoroughly and properly addressed and resolved. As the Chief Privacy Officer in a private corporation, Jillian established best practices, policies and procedures for handling all issues relating to privacy and data protection.

Jillian was a trusted advisor and was depended upon for her ability to quickly gain the confidence of her colleagues… As someone who consistently performs at a very high level, I have confidence in Jillian’s abilities and endorse her as an individual you should consider carrying on a business relationship with.

Howard A. Bogach

President & Chief Executive Officer,,
Tarion Warranty Corporation

Areas of Practice

Regulated Industries/Professions

Jillian’s regulated industries practice includes both barrister and solicitor work. As a litigator, Jillian has represented a number of Ontario industry and professional regulators in matters related to licence registration, suspension and revocation. Jillian has conducted discipline hearings, provincial prosecutions and appeals to the Licence Appeal Tribunal concerning. She has also represented regulators in civil suits involving its registrants and/or other parties.

Jillian has developed an expertise in enforcement – both criminal and quasi-criminal. Jillian has represented the federal crown in criminal prosecutions for narcotic and immigration offences, and the provincial crown for offences under the Occupational Health and Safety Act for critical injuries sustained at worksites. Jillian has also represented regulators as the prosecutor in provincial offences court. As an expert in enforcement and compliance matters Jillian not only conducts prosecutions, but she designs models to increase efficiency in regulatory prosecution programs, enforcement and compliance regimes. 

Always looking for efficient and effective processes and programs, Jillian successfully overhauled a regulatory arbitration forum, drafting the Rules of Practice, Arbitrator Agreements and Tariff, Forms, Policies and managed the arbitration program generally including appearing as counsel in arbitrations. Jillian provides advice to clients on best practices in alternative dispute resolution and discipline venues and the accompanying policies.

Jillian also provides advice and guidance on best practices within a wide range of regulated sectors across Canada. Jillian compares trends and approaches in various jurisdictions and formulates recommendations and provides oversight on the implementation of new policies, rules, and procedures.


Jillian represents clients in all manner of litigation disputes including breach or enforcement of contracts, negligence actions, privacy torts, collections actions and defence litigation. She has appeared at all levels of court in Ontario, the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal. She regularly participates in mediations, arbitrations and negotiations to find creative and cost effective resolution for litigation matters. 

Jillian has a certificate in Construction Law from Osgoode Hall Law School and has extensive experience in resolving residential construction and real estate disputes. Jillian has represented clients in numerous residential construction and new home warranty disputes in court, mediations, arbitrations and at the Licence Appeal Tribunal for disputes between multiple parties. Jillian has deep knowledge of the new home warranty program in Ontario and the many issues that arise such as delay, defects in workmanship and materials, major structural defects and deposit refunds for both freehold homes and condominium projects. 

Privacy, Access to Information and Data Protection

As the former Chief Privacy Officer at Tarion Warranty Corporation, Jillian was exclusively responsible for all issues relating to Privacy and Access to Information. Jillian drafted the Access to Information and Privacy Policy. She was responsible for all data protection policies, data management policies, management of Privacy breaches and Access to Information Requests.

Jillian acts as a consultant to organizations with issues related to privacy and privacy breaches, Access to Information, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation and data protection strategies.

Community Involvement

Jillian is a Member of the Executive of the Real Property Section of the Ontario Bar Association as well as the Education Committee of the Society of Adjudicators and Regulators (SOAR). She is also on the task force of Shurat Hadin, an organization that represents the rights of victims of terror internationally. She was previously a member of the board of directors of the Centre for Education and Training, a not-for-profit organization helping new Canadians, at-risk youth and vulnerable people. Jillian served for seven years as the President of Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights (CLAIHR).

Niru Kumar - Advisor

Niru Kumar is a former public sector lawyer with focused legal experience in Ontario’s regulated sector, and a long-standing commitment to social justice issues and community service.

She is strategic and analytical, but also diplomatic and solution-oriented. Niru is collaborative, thorough and diligent. Her effective people skills engender client trust and confidence.

When she is not practicing law, Niru is a featured blogger on cultural issues, she anchors current affairs programs, and hosts radio broadcasts on the complexities of Canadian society. Niru also places a high value on civic engagement and serves countless hours volunteering on a variety of boards and committees.

Niru holds Bachelors degrees in civil law, common law and commerce from McGill University, and has a certificate from the International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. She is fluent in English, French and Hindi and functional in Spanish. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 2000.

Areas of Practice

Regulated Industries/Professions

Niru has worked with a diverse range of bodies including the Commission for the Walkerton Inquiry with Commissioner and former Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal Dennis O’Connor, the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services, the Office of the Children’s Lawyer and industry regulators such as the Electrical Safety Authority and the Board of Funeral Services.

Niru’s focus has largely been on policy development, consumer protection and industry stakeholder compliance within legislative and regulatory frameworks. Niru has drafted amendments to statutes and regulations with legislative counsel in order to achieve desired policy outcomes, provided legal advice to government policy planners, and guided Designated Administrative Authorities (DAAs) in developing licensing, compliance and regulatory frameworks.

Niru’s experience as a Board Director on various organizations has added a further lens that informs her work with regulated bodies, including an appreciation of enterprise risk management, key performance indicators and relevant best practices.

Community Involvement

In Ontario, Niru Kumar has been a director on the board of the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, an agency protecting vulnerable children from abuse or neglect, for the past eight years where she has also served on the Audit & Finance, Governance and Nominating and Ad Hoc Real Estate committees. Niru recently completed a 5-year term on the TTC Customer Liaison Panel. She was a director for seven years on the board of Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights. Among other committee involvements, Niru has contributed to various school councils, as well as served on Ontario Health Study, Friends of Sir John A. Macdonald and TVO Gala committees.

Abroad, Niru worked as an intern with a Supreme Court lawyer in Delhi and with the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.